Lawn Mowing:

Includes actual mowing of the lawn, weed trimming around the edges of the lawn, and cleanup of any grass clippings on the lawn or sidewalk. We use both larger mowers for the wide open areas of your lawn, and smaller push mowers to get at those harder to reach areas. 

Sidewalk Edging:

Edging of the lawn around all cement sidewalk and driveway edges. Get that razor sharp edge for your lawn that your neighbor spends all day Saturday perfecting, and spend your weekends the way you want to. Street curb edging also available. 


Seeding your lawn. Frequent seeding helps to repair dead spots and holes in your lawn, replace weeds, and thickens the grass. 

 Fall Leaf Cleanup:

Got a ton of leaves to clean up and no time to do it? Do you have time to clean the leaves up but don’t want to fill tons of bags/bins in the cold/damp fall weather? We can clean up your leaves and remove them for you, in a fraction of the time and effort it would take to bag them all. If you can do the clean up, bring them out to the curbside and we’ll remove them. Either way, no bagging, no bins, and we pick up where the city left off!

 Spring Cleanup and Removal:

A spring cleaning of your yard. Clear up all the leaves left from the fall, and the winter's deposit of debris. Limited availability, so sign up early!

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